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Peace of Mind

We all need peace of mind to be at our best. Unpaid bills make us feel uneasy, nervous, restless, and stressed. We don’t have to live like that. We have laws and rights that were implemented, as a matter of public policy, to protect us from living under a black cloud forever.

I don’t want you to lose the things that you need and value, like your house or car. I don’t want you to deplete your retirement savings, or borrow against your home, and jeopardize your family’s future financial security. I don’t want you to live with financial worries and stress, with no end in sight. I want you to save money for a rainy day. I want you to have peace of mind.

Should You File for Bankruptcy?

The decision to file for bankruptcy should only be made after consulting with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer. A typical free office visit with me lasts about an hour. We will discuss your debts, of course, as well as your assets, your income and expenses, recent sales of assets, recent payments to creditors, whether you have filed all of your tax returns or owe income taxes, and much more. A competent bankruptcy attorney will spend the time to inquire about all of these topics, and more, before telling you whether you are a good candidate for bankruptcy.

Clients often tell me that they feel better just having talked to me. Sometimes, that surprises me, because I don’t always have an easy solution to their problem. However, some plan of action is better than no plan of action.

I have the experience to assess your financial condition, and tell you the best way to solve your financial or IRS problems. My goal is to help you to make well informed decisions to protect your assets and to improve your financial health going forward.

Free Consultation with a Houston Tax and Bankruptcy Attorney

A consultation with me is the first step to regaining your peace of mind, and your sense of security and well being.

Please call me or complete the online consultation form to schedule an appointment at no cost to you.

Patrick T. Williams, Houston Attorney and CPA

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