bankruptcy means test

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Means Test

Not everyone can get the debt-clearing benefits of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Before you can file to have your debts discharged you must pass the Chapter 7 bankruptcy means test. This test evaluates your financial position to determine if you qualify fo… Read More
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bankruptcy and child support

Bankruptcy and Child Support in Texas

When parents fall behind on their child support obligations it can lead to inconvenient enforcement efforts, including bench warrants and driver’s license suspensions. But can parents avoid paying their child support by filing for bankruptcy? Here… Read More
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federal tax law

Common Federal Tax Law Violations

Tax season can be exceptionally stressful. You may be worried about whether your return was properly prepared or concerned about how to pay an unexpected tax assessment. It may be tempting to just walk away or to make a “little white lie” to impr… Read More
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woman looking through bankruptcy documents

Bankruptcy Documents Needed to File

You can start preparing for your bankruptcy before you ever walk in the lawyer’s door. By gathering the bankruptcy documents needed to file your petition, you can make the process easier and get to discharge that much faster. What Documents Do You… Read More
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Woman managing debt

5 Methods for Tax Debt Relief

The deadline for filing your personal tax return has been extended to May 15, 2021. Still, tax season can cause a lot of stress if you owe significant sums to the IRS. Here are five ways a bankruptcy and tax attorney can help you get tax debt relief… Read More
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Petition to file for bankruptcy

How to File For Bankruptcy in Texas

The line of creditors on the phone, in your inbox, and even at your door, can be overwhelming. Bankruptcy can put an end to the collections calls and give you peace of mind. However, figuring out how to file for bankruptcy in Texas brings stress of i… Read More
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