IRS Problems & Solutions

As an attorney, CPA, and former IRS agent, I am well qualified to help you with your IRS problems.

The IRS has a lot of power, but so do you. Your power is exercised by knowing your rights, and by knowing the internal procedures of the IRS.

Tax problems that I successfully resolve on a regular basis include:

  • wage levies (garnishments)
  • bank levies
  • unfiled tax returns and late filed tax returns
  • audits
  • Trust Fund Penalties (payroll tax)

The tools I use to resolve these matters include:

  • monthly installment agreements
  • offers in compromise
  • bankruptcy
  • requests for appeals & collections hearings
  • Tax Court petitions

IRS employees are usually very reasonable, as long as you or your representative respond to their letters, and act in good faith to work out a fair and reasonable solution.

When to Contact a Tax Attorney

It is never too early — or too late — to begin the process. Please call me so I may help with your IRS problems.

Based in north Houston, I work with clients throughout the Houston area.